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Why is the Spin-tacular Basketball Program effective?

The Spin-tacular Basketball Program incorporates basketballs, unicycles, music, and fun in a program that bridges the gap between your church or organization into the hearts of the listeners.   It has been an effective tool to reach the hearts of youth and adults with the message of making the right choices, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  


Why would we want the Bruce and his family to come to our area? 

"Bruce Crevier's basketball handling skills are unbelievable and his message is outstanding. As a four time Guinness World Record Holder, he had not trouble keeping the attention of our students for the entire length of the program. He used his skills, his humor, his ability to involve the students, and the involvement of his family to bring forth a positive message for students and adults. I can honestly say that in my sixteen years in public education, Bruce Crevier and his family presented the best school assembly program I have seen.   I would highly recommend them to anyone!"

Vanessa Derr - Student

How is your program different from others?

"I wanted to take a moment to let you know what a powerful impact you have had on our schools and on me personally. I have the opportunity over the years to work with a significant number of people, who, like your family, encourage young people to be their personal best, I can honestly say, however, that I have never had anyone inspire our young people like you did and I personally have never felt so blessed by any other speaker. Your family is so special and will always hold a special spot in my heart. Thank you from all of the the people of Rochelle and from my daughter, Hannah, and I for your encouraging message and example. We are very grateful for you making the trip to Rochelle and we wish you all the very best in your future endeavors."

How can a one hour program effect our church or organization?

Greg - A student at Chaffey High School in Ontario, California


Can you give an example of people's spirit being changed as a result of your program?

Dear Bruce...I was at the leadership conference in Norfolk, NE on Oct.27, 2004.   I just wanted to say that your performance was wonderful you and your family were the only thing we could talk about on our trip home to Creighton.  We all just want to say thank you very much for giving a presentation that changed a lot of people in ways that we never thought we could.  Thank you 

Nicole Murphy - Creighton, NE


Bruce and family...I am a student at the High school you performed at today.  I am involved in a lot of school activities and clubs and programs, but I have never heard so many of my peers  carry on about how awesome one of our programs were until today. After you all left the whole school was talking about the message you delivered and the way ya'll made it interesting.  What you said, everyone really needed to hear it.   Also, Thanks for reminding us how important it is to keep our priorities in order.  Our school really enjoyed the show and sincerely appreciates the fact that you genuinely care.     

Jessie -  Brownsville High School, Brownsville, TN

What is Champions Forever Ministries goal in coming? 

To use all of our resources to affect people in a positive manner ~ We all have the power of choice, and we want to inspire and challenge kids and adults to take their life to the next level by making right choices! 

Can you tailor your message to our church's or organization's needs? 

If there is an issue that is real pressing for a school, we can include that into our program message, and we have added topics to our message many times to accommodate certain situations.   Example:  We were invited to a school where 5 kids from the school had been recently killed in a car accident from a drunk driver.  We were asked to add a message that would cheer up and encourage the students and teachers. For the most part our message concentrates on issues that are confronting most schools throughout the world:  These themes deal with building character qualities one student at a time!  We also deal with the consequences of wrong decisions, and the positive aspects of making the right decisions in dealing with moral purity, drug and alcohol use, goal setting, and not letting circumstances dictate our attitudes.

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