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Bruce Crevier is a blend of unbelievable talent, a sensitive heart, and has an undaunted love for people. Bruce is a must for everyone to see and has a timely message for them to hear."

Josh Mcdowell
Father, Author, Speaker

"I can honestly say that in my sixteen years in public education, Bruce Crevier presented the best school assembly program I have seen.   I would highly recommend him to any public or private school..." 

Dan Woods, Kearney, NE

"Dear Bruce and Diane:  You guys were terrific! I am so grateful for what you did at our 25th Anniversary Family Fun Day. It was also very much appreciated by all those in attendance. I hope that your trip back home was not too unusual. I pray that your work and ministry will continue to reach more and more people." 

Thomas W. Hilgers, MD - Director - Pope Paul VI Institute

Jim & Donna Magee, Upward Basketball, Conway, AR

Bruce, Diane & Family,Thanks again for coming up to Marshall yesterday.  What a great day!  I was so impressed by your family - start to finish.  Not only were you all great performers but talking with you & the kids during the game - you truly have an outstanding family.  Not only do you embrace all of your talents, but also share a very powerful message. Wow! :)Many people have asked for more information about your family & I have sent them to your website.  So the word is out.....Please let me know if you are in the area again - we would really like to get you back at SMSU in the future.Have a good night! Sara & the SMSU Athletics Staff.

Sara Granheim

Athletic Development

DirectorSouthwest Minnesota State 

Bruce's program really hit home, because I've been going through some challenging times.  I was really motivated and inspired to change the direction of my life, to start having more morality and getting back into the boundaries." 

Greg - A student at Chaffey High School in Ontario, California

My name is Corey and I live in Farmington Missouri. I just recently turned 16, as of May 11th in fact. I saw you guys at our school then I took my sister to see you at Central High School on Friday night. I just wanted to say that the entire program was amazing. I will be honest, when I first heard that some guy was gonna talk to us about making good choices, I was like "Are you kidding me? This is gonna suck!" But once I saw and heard your message, I was proved wrong. I especially liked Friday night when you focused on the spiritual side a little more, actually a lot more. There were kids there that normally would not have gotten that message. They thought they were coming to see a neat little basketball show, but boy did they get a wake up call...and I think they enjoyed it. When you were up there speaking from the heart, talking about swallowing your pride, it made me realize how wrong I have been about so many things, and how my goals in life have been so focused on the material things. But the good thing is I`m young and I serve an awesome God who will forgive me and help me get my life back on track. I cannot fully express my gratitude in one email, but I just wanted to say thanks for everything that you and your family do. It is so awesome to know that people care so much about God to go out of their comfort zone and preach the good news. That program almost brought a tear to my eye, and it takes a lot to make me cry.


Thank you so much sir!

Corey Boothby - Farmington, MO

"Bruce Crevier's basketball handling skills are unbelievable and his message is outstanding. As a four time Guinness World Record Holder, he had not trouble keeping the attention of our students for the entire length of the program. He used his skills, his humor, his ability to involve the students, and the involvement of his family to bring forth a positive message for students and adults. I can honestly say that in my sixteen years in public education, Bruce Crevier and his family presented the best school assembly program I have seen.   I would highly recommend them to any public or private school."

"Bruce...A great big thanks to you for the job you did on the platform. You communicated in an excellent way. I shared with you that I have seen numerous people try to communicate with children, and you are definitely one of the best I have ever seen. That is a gift and to God be the glory for that.   Thank you for your contribution to making our event the such a success."

"Bruce, thank you for being on the 700 Club Program. We were so blessed by your incredible talent and touched by your love for the Lord. God bless you and we will look forward to the next time you can join us."

and many, many more are available if by request

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