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Topics Bruce Talks About

Bruce's Spin-tacular Program is not only fun to watch, but the message can be life-changing!

There are many programs out there for youth and adults, but our program is different because we are not out just  to reach the outward senses in people, but rather the hearts!   We are on a mission from God to bring His Joy and His Love to the hurting individuals and families of the world! 

Topics that Bruce covers in His programs are aimed at building character in his listeners and contain proven principals of success!  The program format is fun and the principles are easy to remember


  • The importance of having the right attitude--The four types of attitudes in people, and what you can do to change for the better!   

  • What are goals and why should I be committed to them.  

  • The value of families and the value of teamwork in the workplace.

  • How the three words initiative, excellence and enthusiasm can transform a person's life!

  • The positive effects of making the right choices in the little things.

  • The value of staying away from drugs, alcohol, tobacco, violence, and immorality.

  • Why we should be careful what we allow our eyes and ears to see and hear through television, movies and music . 

  • How boundaries in sports relate to boundaries in the Ultimate Game, the Game of Life.  How you can get more enjoyment, peace, and love!

  • How everyone is special, and we all have something to offer.  You are a priceless gift from God, and we all have great value, and don't let anyone tell you different.

Sending a message of HOPE to this GENERATION!
Bruce's programs and messages to the youth and adults are helping to repair a whole generation, and will have a positive impact on anyone no matter the age.  His messages are based on the theme that Champions are not born, but are made one positive decision at a time.  By your choices, you have the ability to take your life to the next level, and with God's help, you can be a CHAMPION not for the moment, but FOREVER!! 
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